Jason Carey

is an American Actor/Entertainer born and raised in Richmond, VA. He's the star/writer/director of a hit web series, Radio Personality, Event Host, and published recording/performance artist.

A self-made rising star on the highly competitive American entertainment scene; Jason developed his irresistibly charismatic, fearless stage presence at an early age. He says thanks to his mom pushing him to speak in front of people ...

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Event Host/MC

ANYONE can pick up a microphone and talk. But in respect for your guest, your time, and money...you don't want just ANYONE talking on the mic. There is truly an art to understanding and ENGAGING an audience. Jason Carey is a Master Certified Consumer Engagement Specialist and National Brand Ambassador of the Year booked nationally and internationally. Often described as the LIFE of the party, a talented MC can make or break your event. His experience ranges from representing Fortune brands, pro sports teams, hosting private and corporate events, some of the nations largest festivals, to international vacations, and 40+ weddings per year. Don't just let ANYONE represent your product, brand, special event, or ENGAGE your clients. Hire a professional...hire Jason Carey!

On-Screen & Voice Over Actor

Looking for a voice to create or bring a voice script to life for your characters, commercial, or corporate/training video there is no better choice to represent your product, brand, or service. Jason Carey is a creative, dedicated actor with range. He is always camera ready to positively impact your Film, television, or theatre project. Indie shorts, commercials to feature films, an actor that is fun to work with and always delivers. Cast Jason Carey for your next project.

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Media Personality

Jason Carey is an educated, influential, comedic podcaster and award-winning Radio Personality. 5+ years of on air experience producing 2 successful radio shows and a Podcast. On his way to building a BRAND that consumers TRUST, Jason has completed over 200 shows on air and 75+ live remotes. He has interviewed celebrities, athletes, business professionals, and more. A CROSSOVER talent with infectious energy on air and on the Red Carpet. Jason Carey is a personality that APPEALS to a wide demographic via AUDIO and VISUAL media. Cast Jason Carey for your next media role.

Brand Spokesman

As a voted National Brand Ambassador of the Year and Master Certified Consumer Engagement Specialist (Brand Ambassador Institute) Jason is known for his EXCEPTIONAL CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT skills. TRAINED to become the brand, deliver brand messaging and utilizing marketing principles to connect consumers with BRANDS. Jason Carey has over 12 years in the BRAND REPRESENTATION industry. Some of world's top brands such as Ford, American Cancer Society, T Mobile, Shell, Visa, National Urban League have entrusted Jason's skill, image, and voice to represent them. Jason Carey a proven,TRUSTED spokesman for YOUR brand.

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Over the past 10+ years Jason Carey has been equally as busy BEHIND THE CAMERA and backstage as he has been in front. Jason has written a sitcom, Ebook, commercial content, voice scripts + a published song writer and soundtrack contributor. He has a natural eye for photography and video applied in his limited directing roles. He pours his creativity into each character, voice script, or BRAND REPRESENTATION opportunity. Add Jason Carey to your creative consulting process to ELEVATE your product.

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